Long-Term Disability

Fighting To Maintain Your Livelihood

Last updated on May 22, 2023

When an accident or injury leaves you unable to work for months or years, the thought of trying to find a stream of income can be vexing. Long-term disability coverage can help you regain some of the income lost because of circumstances you could not control.

Filing for long-term disability can be a significant roadblock in maintaining your basic financial needs, and a denied claim can worsen an already complicated situation. Call Abdoulin Law, Inc, at 818-330-1766 to discuss your disability concerns in a free consultation.

Own Occupation Versus Any Occupation

In California, long-term disability insurance providers commonly adhere to two definitions of disability.

Own occupation – Sometimes referred to as “own occ,” this definition of disability applies to workers who are unable to perform the job they held before the injury but could feasibly work in another field. Benefits last between three and five years under the notion that a disabled individual could reasonably learn another occupation in that time.

Any occupation – Any occupation disability, or “any occ,” applies to individuals whose disability would prevent them from working in any field. Benefits would typically last until the individual recovers or the insurance policy expires. Some plans may pay out benefits until the age of retirement.

What Could Affect My Disability Claim?

Long-term disability insurance companies will employ strategy after strategy to avoid paying long-term disability claims. As a former workers’ compensation defense attorney, Alexander Abdoulin understands these tactics and the best methods to counter them.

Insurance providers may claim that preexisting medical conditions contributed to the injury or caused it altogether. They may also refuse to cover injuries sustained as a result of:

  • Criminal activity
  • War
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Self-inflicted injuries or suicide

If you are unable to work full time, but your injury allows for part-time work, insurance providers may provide partial benefits.

Discuss Your Situation In A Free Consultation

Attorney Abdoulin has been a steadfast supporter of California workers for years. Filing a claim with the help of an experienced disability and insurance law attorney can help increase the chances of a successful claim. Attorney Abdoulin can also provide experienced, skilled representation on your behalf if your claim is denied.

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