Los Angeles County Workers Need A Fighter On Their Side

California laborers have created one of the most vibrant economies in the world. Now, it’s time to demand the protections you deserve.

Experienced, Vigorous Workers’ Compensation Representation

Your Health And Livelihood Are Important

On average, an adult in the United States spends nearly 2,000 hours every year at work; many works far more to make ends meet. A workplace injury can seriously impair your ability to earn a living and to support yourself and your loved ones. With appropriate legal aid and a strong advocate, you can obtain a full workers’ compensation settlement that helps you focus on recovery, not scrambling for income.

What You Need To Know About Filing For Workers’ Compensation

Hundreds of workplace injuries occur every day in Los Angeles. Whether a truck driver is involved in a car crash, an office worker falls because of poor office conditions or a construction worker is hurt by faulty equipment, their injuries need attention. Workers’ compensation is not asking for a handout — it is demanding your legally ensured right.

Injured Worker

When looking into a workers’ compensation claim, you should expect that your lawyer will:

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Ask about the cause and nature of your injuries

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Compare your situation to the workers’ compensation regulations in California

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Determine if your claim requires you to also file for short-term or long-term disability support

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Investigate medical and employee records about your injury

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Summarize all potential compensation and give you a realistic expectation of support

Powerful Representation For Injured Workers